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These are very special collections of art based emails. Designed to be used by both women and men, in soft muted colours, perfect for when you have something intimate to say to that special person in your life. You know those moments when you want to be that little bit more daring, or maybe just be a little provocative without being garish or too forward. Sometimes pictures can say so much more - especially when it comes to romancing your partner and the giving and taking of pleasure.

These collections of email backgrounds can do just that for you. There are some romantic backgrounds, others slighly comic. A faun showing his acrobatic skills or as in this border a quite moment in time just enjoying each others company. Klimt's favourite lady is in there as well. There are a couple of background made from the Kama Sutra used for centuries in India to enlighten people to the joys and pleasures of life, not just sensually, but in all the arts, such as music, dance, personal hygiene and how to manage a peacefull happy home. Sexual matters only account for a very small part of the book. It is a fascinating read if you ever come across a copy!

Many of the backgrounds are made from pictures of the 18th and 19th centuries when they were freely available to the rich and not so rich. Then there is the Victorian period when much of the Erotic arts lampooned Royalty and other famous people. One thing is very noticable, these are pictures of people enjoying their sexuality. We have to remember back then there was no television and Romance and 'affairs of the heart' filled a much larger part of peoples lives.

Romantic and erotic art has been around for almost as long as humans have existed. It has gone through periods of being taboo and times when sexual feedom allowed people to enjoy their sensuality openly.

I have two personal favourites in the collections the first being a Becat (he of Fanny Hill fame) showing a young couple making love standing in a river which I have named After the Ball in the collection. My other favourite is the Potting Shed. Back in the days when we had long courtships and nowhere to go that was private (big families back then) - I can remember more than once doing my courting in the potting shed by torchlight! I seem to remember the term was 'heavy petting'.

Please leave this site if you are a minor or if you are are offended by nudity or sexually grapic material. Some of these backgrounds are very explicit showing as they do, aspects of love making - as I have tried to make clear in the above text. It is a very beautiful collection intended for those who wish to express their feelings by using art.

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Grahics are optomised and supplied for personal use only.

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